Thursday, 17 May 2012

How Many Founders of Christianity?

Jesus is believed to be (i) Messiah, (ii) risen and (iii) Saviour.

Peter affirmed (i) privately to Jesus whose acceptance of (i) led to his challenging of the authorities and thus to his execution which seemed to disprove (i).

However, Luke’s account suggests that a stranger en route to Emmaus re-affirmed (i) just like Jesus, thus inspiring the disciples to re-interpret scriptures as prophesying (ii).

Peter affirmed (ii) publicly in Jerusalem.

Paul’s acceptance of (ii) led to his publicly affirming (iii) to Jews and Gentiles. Gentile belief in a universal Saviour is Christian.

Thus, Jesus is the hero, not the author, of the story. Candidate founders are: 

Peter, who affirmed (i) to Jesus and (ii) to the Jews;
the Stranger, who re-affirmed (i) to disillusioned disciples;
Jesus, if he was the Stranger;
the disciples, who formulated (ii); 
Paul, who affirmed (iii) to Jews and Gentiles.

However, if the Emmaus Road story was invented, there was no Stranger.

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