Sunday, 22 June 2014


Some antitheses are clear:


The four forces, or single unified force, of nature are impersonal and function unconsciously. Empirically, consciousness arises only in certain organism-environment interactions.

Logical and mathematical relationships are atemporal. We do not say that two plus two equals four now at 12.25 on Sunday, 22 June 2014 but might not later.

Consciousness and personality cannot be atemporal but could they be transtemporal and, if so, what would that mean? There is a qualitative difference between animal and human consciousness with different levels of each. Superhuman consciousness, again with different levels, is at least possible. We might contact or become it.

Can there be transpersonality? It would have to incorporate personality just as solids incorporate plane figures which incorporate lines, but how?

The atemporal negates time whereas the transtemporal would have to transcend but incorporate it. If we contemplate a fictitious biography, then we do not regard any moment of that biography as present although we do imagine that the fictitious character regards each moment as present while experiencing it. Thus, we transcend the fictitious timeline but not our own. How would it be possible to transcend time as such?

I think that everything has to be either conscious or unconscious. There might be higher levels of consciousness but how could there be a third category of "trans-consciousness?" 

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