Sunday, 5 April 2015

Chaos, Causes And Consciousness

Every event is either uncaused or caused by previous events.
Events are either physical or psychophysical.
Sensations, cognitions and actions are psychophysical events.
Many actions are entirely caused by previous psychophysical events.

For example, a man smokes a cigarette because previous usage has addicted him to nicotine.
However, some actions are instead expressions of present consciousness.
For example, a man suddenly stops smoking because he hears and heeds the message, "Smoking kills."
Previous events have caused both the presentation of the message and the man's ability to heed it.

Nevertheless, conscious responses to new challenges differ qualitatively from semiconscious habits.
Why are some people incapable of new responses?
Zazen is the practice of immediate awareness.
Such practice might facilitate ability to respond. 

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